“Balls of Wood Collection”

That help you can give…

A generosity project that follows the projects “In compagnia di Fué” and “Sotto-Coperta” and that we were able to start thanks to the support of some shop keepers but especially to the solidarity of the people who decided to send these balls of wool, without being able to crochet.

The sewing shops that started to support this project have a COLLECTION BOX which explains briefly the project; it is possible to buy these balls of wool immediately and put them in our box.

Periodically, the project manager will pick up the box and sort the balls of wool among the volunteers.

Collection points

V E R O N A, località Bussolengo
Biancaneve Hobby, Via Marmolada n. 28

V E R O N A, quartiere Borgo Venezia
Biancaneve Hobby, Via Montorio n. 68

P A D O V A, località Monselice
Chiara Tricot, Via Roma n. 25

scatole negozio.jpeg

 And for the ones who don’t live in the area? They can help us, anyway!
Thanks to BiancaneveHobby shop is possible to contribute also using e-commerce
that offers a 10% discount

What do we need?

To realise Fuè we need 100% cotton that can be washed between 40 and 60 degrees. As regards the little blankets, we need 100% cotton or baby wool. If it’s possible, we recommend to buy these materials that we have previously mentioned in the collection and e-commerce points.