Our breastfeeding representative Cecilia, wrote a really interesting text in which she includes explications, practical advice, tips and many other things about breastfeeding.

We write only some sentences but you can already understand how much useful can be reading the full text to answer many questions; many mothers think they have to avoid breastfeeding if the child is premature. It’s not like this!

Let’s discover it together…

The relationship is something that misses when there is a pre-term birth. After the pre-term birth, often there are emergency caesarean sections, the child must be taken to NICU, this means that he/she is taken away from his/her mother who can’t look immediately after him/her.

The relationship with the breast-pump: love and hate for many mothers, symbol of the strong action of the mother that decides to pump her milk for her child and also of the physical distance between them. This is something necessary to start and continue the production but it is also stressful and anxious. This is what it is and it has to be always like this: something that helps us when we can’t clamp our child to the breast but he/she, at a certain point, will be able to do the same things, or even better, that the breast-pump does.

Here it is something that our partner can do in the days just after the birth: he can understand how the hospital our child is admitted to works and what it offers to families and mothers. He will be busy doing something useful and he will feel really important (obviously he is and will be).

We teach to the mother how to clamp the child to her breast and the child how to clamp to his/her mother’s breast every time that the situation allows us to do it and especially if our child is calm (in the arms of the mother, obviously he/she is).


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