“In Compagnia di Fuè”

Who is Fué? We introduce you to it… !

Fuè is a little octopus made in crochet.  Its tentacles are its particularity and these ones are useful for children.

Now we explain it better to you.

The Octo Therapy was born in Denmark in the University Hospital Aarhus, where doctors and nurses have proved that the presence of these puppies is able to calm down the children. The tentacles remind them of the umbilical cord, if they press them not only they will breath better but also their heart beats will become more regular and the oxygen level in the blood will increase. Moreover, thanks to their presence, the children don’t pull cables and probes which are in the thermo-cots.

It’s fantastic, isn’t it? This is not all! The mother can put Fuè on her chest  and then give it to the baby, so he/she will “breath” her fragrance and he/she won’t feel alone.

Prematuramente mothers strongly wanted to support Octo Project Therapy , a little gesture did with heart, for the children of the NICU in the Borgo Trento Hospital of Verona. So we have contacted TIN.Tacoli in Cesena, who were the first ones to bring this project to Italy. The collaboration has been established immediately!


Our octopuses are called Fuè,
we have chosen for them a special name whose origins are greek:
“growing up with care”..

foto matteo fue.jpg