Mission & Vision

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Prematuramente will focus on:

• Giving moral, concrete and psychological support to families thanks to meetings, events and courses whose aim is to support parents.

• Promoting every type of event and behavior to guarantee efficient assistance, rescue and cures for the ones who are admitted to NICU.


1 in the world in 10 children born prematurely.

The things we believe in

KANGAROO MOTHER THERAPY | FAMILY CENTERED CARE | Human relationship | Rights of the premature baby



Benefits for the premature/preterm baby:

  • Reinforcing the relationship between the parent and the baby

  • The happiness of the baby when he/she feels the presence of the parent

  • Breath and heart improvement

  • Premature breastfeeding

  • Reduction of the recovery period

  • Weight increase

Benefits for the parent:

  • Building a physical relationship with the baby

  • The parent thinks that he/she is important

  • Reduction of post-partum depression

  • Increase of milk production


  • Family is always part of every child life

  • Supporting communication and collaboration between family, doctors, nurses and operators

  • Guaranteeing flexibility and accessibility

  • Considering emotions, worries and aspirations of the family

  • Facilitating support between the families

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“The Family Centered Care doesn’t cure the family, it
looks after her”

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Human relationship

When you enter NICU, you will experiment a very different and almost unknown world.

“ Around me I see many other premature babies and parents. I see tears, smiles, tired and scared faces. I see myself in every one of them. Here we are the same. Parents who have lost a piece of their heart. Mothers and fathers who are deeply hurt. Really scared families. There is something strange in NICU corridors, you greet that mum, you go next to her if you see she needs help. You die inside but you have the courage to give strength to the others. Here every child is yours even if you don’t know him/her.” –mum Giorgia

Rights of the premature baby


Art. 1

The premature baby has to be considered, as a positive right, a person.

 Art. 2 

Every child has the right to come to life in a helpful system who guarantees them safety and wellness, in particular in the following conditions: risk of pregnancy/childbirth/pre-term birth, neonatal fetus pain and/or malformations after the birth.

Art. 3 

The premature baby needs support and treatment which have to be adequate to his/her health conditions and the therapies that reduce the pain. The baby needs, in particular, special cures and the support of his/her parents, even in the terminal part. 

Art. 4

The premature baby needs a constant relationship with his/her family, which has to look after him/her. Because of this, in the helpful period, the presence of the parent next to the child must be constant, just to avoid the dispersion among the other members of the family.

Art. 5

Every premature baby deserves the benefits of his/her mother’s milk during all the recovery period and, as soon as it is possible, his/her mother can start the breastfeeding. Other substances must be prescribed.

 Art. 6

The parents of the recovered premature baby must be clearly, completely and continuously informed about their baby conditions and the therapy choices.

 Art. 7

Premature baby’s parents must be supported in the acquirement of their new and particular parental competencies.  

Art. 8

The premature baby needs cures also after the recovery, because of this there is a personal assistance program shared with parents: it involves territorial competencies and establishes, after the recovery, an adequate and multidisciplinary follow-up, it is coordinated by the team that has been following it since the day he/she came to life.

 Art. 9

In case of disability, it doesn’t matter the level, the premature baby must receive the adequate cures and the social, psychological and economic support.

 Art. 10

 The needs of every family with a premature baby must be satisfied also through a collaboration among Institutions and authorities which belong to the third sector.

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