Our Stories

A journey through our Parents emotions and memories. A journey made of short moments, long waits, hopes and worries, expectations and disregards. A journey that hits the heart. A journey that has to be narrated and deserved to be read, enjoyed and, if possible, understood.


Camilla, 23 weeks and 4 days

The “black hole” put us to the test as a family, it put me to the test as a mother and a person… but it made me better and stronger! My unstoppable Camilla was born after 23 weeks and 4 days, pointy and… very small… surrounded by a steam cloud that made her seem a surreal dream. Camilla makes us understand the value of the little things, she makes us learn that we don’t have to take anything for granted; we remember very well her prematurity, but with strength and step by step she conquered her World. “If she comes to life now, it will be an abortion or she will face irreparable damages”.
2 years passed: Camilla was born in time to live.. Together with me.
–mum Giorgia

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EMANUELE, 27 weeks and 4 days

“Prematurity… a word, better yet, a world that includes worries, hopes and joys, in just one word: eternal love!
My husband and me entered this reality when Emanuele came to life (the 11 th of June 2017, after 27 weeks and 4 days, an extremely difficult pregnancy).
Despite this fact, his weight amazed everyone: 1475 grams! He immediately proves to be a warrior who fights to live.
I remember with much emotion the first time I entered NICU… if I close my eyes, I can still breath the smell and hear the alarms. There he is… in his incubator number 8.. so small… covered with tubes and sensors. Touching his little hand, his little feet… the first sensation was impotence…I should have protected him for many months but I was staring at him with tears in my eyes, without being able to do anything. The biggest fear was the feeling of being abandoned, and also the difficulty to explain the situation to the oldest brothers.
Many days passed and our child proved to have an incredible strength… we became stronger, too! After 10 days, there was the first pouch therapy, then there was the abandon in the cpap… These were signals that gave us hope. After a month at NICU and 35 days in neonatal pathology, finally Emanuele arrives at home surrounded by everyone’s love. Today I look at him and his eyes tell me many things!
It’s true that you can’t forget prematurity but, personally, I’ve learned to consider it an important moment of my life that made me learn a lot. In particular, I’ve understood that life is a very special gift.”
–mum Stefania


AYRIN, 28 weeks and 3 days

A special and unusual name but her birth wasn’t as easy as the choice of her name. We have waited for her for 4 years, after facing many difficult moments…
The sensation that it is nothing and that I am afraid to lose. They admitted me to hospital because of pre-eclampsia. After 27 weeks, her weight was 700 grams, after a gestation of 28 weeks and 3 days a little warrior of 625 gr was born, she fought strongly for life, together with her mother and father and then they abandoned fear and found the courage to fight this big battle.
Mother and father sang, cried, laughed together. We send much love to everyone who supported us.
We fought with her, day by day, gram by gram. Happy and terribly sad days. But she gave us the strength. Her smiles make our days and lives better and still today, after almost a year, when I see her in her white little bed, surrounded by rabbits, dummies and musical little stars, I remember the time I spent looking at her through the glass and whispering to her I strongly believed in her.

-Tiffany and Benedetto


diego, 25 weeks and 6 days

I have never wanted to read other NICU children stories… I have always said that, one day, I would have written our story.
Here we are, writing our story: the incredible strength of Diego and our family and the medical and lovely care of all the nurses…
The 17 th of October 2016, Diego came to life because of the membranes break, after 25 weeks and 6 days, with a weight of just 865 grams. 88 days of recovery… cerebral hemorrhage, pneumothorax, rop, transfusions and infections… but also a lot of maternal milk, daily cuddles and incessant satisfactions.
Now he is determined, self-confident and strong like a warrior! 18 months, 13 kg and a lot of determination.
-mum Federica