Plexiglass Box

You can personalize it with colors and various combinations, every party favour is unique and it can be created by request.


plexiglass box

6x6 cm / h. 3 cm


Chalk: it is possible to use the chalk on the button. Available options: heart, simple flower, flowers petals and little house. Or big chalk: child, mixed animals, mixed owls.
If you decide not to choose the color, a standard natural white will be used.


You can choose among the following colors: white, clear pink, fuchsia, lilac, lavender, brown, brown/gold, clear blue, turquoise.


You can add a written note with date, name and event and Prematuramente counterfoil..

We don’t sell party favours, this is not our business, but we collect funds to support our projects; so we ask for a free donation. We remind you that the party favours are hand-made by our mothers group “Home-Made”, if you are interested, you can contact