“Raccontami una Fiaba”

Everything begun when….

We have been in NICU for days, weeks… some people for months… the moments followed the beep-beeps of the machines, nursing staff voices, the silent tears of the families… There was something that we could do, READ, give the babies the possibility to hear our voices and cover those artificial noises, that barren space… Using the VOICE, we could enter a magic world, full of adventures and emotions and we could, just for a short time, forget what we were going through… but, above all, we could make babies feel good…
When Prematuramente was born, the act of reading was one of the first projects we wanted to introduce: we created a LIBRARY in NICU, a library which can be used by families, a library to reduce the distance that the incubator creates between the son/daughter and the parent. This is how the project came to life.

We asked for help using social media, in a few weeks we collected almost 100 books and, just after Easter, we had the possibility to create this wonderful Library.

Research proves that reading a story to children and, in particular, to the premature ones, has positive effects on his/her psychological development and intensifies the relationship parent-son/daughter that is interrupted abruptly because of the premature birth of the child.

The Library has been created in a NICU area that is accessible by the parent; if they particularly love a book, they can bring it at home.

“When the voice reduces the distance, a Library to be together”


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The collection of book continues!