Supportive Parchment

You can personalize it with colors and various combinations, every party favour is unique and it can be created by request.


Supportive Parchment

Traditional and inevitable. Because solidarity passes above all from simplicity.


Chalk: it is possible to use the chalk on the button. Available options: heart, simple flower, flowers petals and little house. If you decide not to choose the color, a standard natural white will be used.


You can choose among the following colors: white, clear pink, fuchsia, lilac, lavender, brown, brown/gold, clear blue, turquoise.


You can add a written note with date, name and event and Prematuramente counterfoil..

The text of our parchment

"We have decided to thank all of you
with a gesture of love and solidarity by donating
a small contribution to the Prematurely Association of Verona
to support the projects that the Association promotes
in support of children born premature or preterm
with pathologies and their families. for sharing
with us the joy of << event >> of << name (s) >> "
<< date >>.

We don’t sell party favours, this is not our business, but we collect funds to support our projects; so we ask for a free donation. We remind you that the party favours are hand-made by our mothers group “Home-Made”, if you are interested, you can contact