Who we are

Prematuramente APS, Social Promotion Organization, was founded in Verona in February 2018 and from May 2018 is one of the members of Coordinamento Nazionale Vivere ONLUS.

Prematuramente is…

Prematuramente is coming to life before the right time, coming to life when no one is ready and around you everything is complicated.

The protagonists are children. Little, big and strong heroes who desire to live but they have to fight for a place in the world.

And then us, the parents: unprepared, disoriented and sometimes scared but proud of our children at the same time but always grateful to life because it decided to give them to us. This experience brought to life this Organization: a group of parents and professional people who are ready to support families that face this situation which is, as regards these babies, difficult and delicate.

Our support begins at NICU and it is also part of the growth period of the children.

“Because in this life we don’t pick up what we sow but what we give”.


The founders of Prematuramente APS:

Cecilia, Fabiana, Federica, Alessia, Giorgia, Marianna, Elisa, Serena, Arianna, Nicoletta, Orietta, Azzurra, Samira, Splendora, Maria Paola.